Cobalt Chromium Castings


All our Chrome cobalt castings are designed and constructed by the laboratory on the premises to give you the client and us full control at all times from the design stage to the finished denture.   We do not subcontract our chrome work to other laboratories.


  • Chrome cobalt dentures are cast to fit your teeth. Hence they are more stable and retentive compared to normal acrylic dentures.
  • Chrome cobalt denture has higher dimensional stability compared to acrylic dentures, which means it will not change its shape easily.
  • Higher thermal conductivity compared to acrylic dentures which allow you to feel the temperature of food and beverages which you have consumed.
  • More hygienic compared to acrylic dentures. This is because they are less porous and lessen the accumulation of food, plaque and calculus on metal surface.
  • Chrome cobalt dentures are lighter in weight. They can be cast thinner than acrylic dentures while maintaining its strength.


  • Less aesthetic¬†compared to acrylic dentures.
  • Chrome cobalt dentures are slightly more expensive than acrylic dentures.